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 Wii Scrubber V1.4 With MultiBoot

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The Loyal
The Loyal

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PostSubject: Wii Scrubber V1.4 With MultiBoot    Fri Jan 25, 2013 1:16 am

- http://www.mediafire.com/?856363liu192jt1

How to use:
Copy the key.bin file to the same directory as the exe.
Load the software.
Load the ISO file by clicking on the 'load iso' button
What the program is doing appears in the bottom window
Disc filelist appears in the top window as a standard treelist
Name of game and size of the data on the disc appears in top right

How to extract files:
Only one at a time at present
In the treelist click on a file to select
Right click the mouse button
Select 'Save' from the popup menu
The fields on the filename shown are:
name, partition, Offset into decrypted file, Filesize, file reference in FST (-ve means system file)

How to scrub the disc:
Click on the clean and save button
Depending on the option chosen next to the clean button you will then save
either a scrubbed file, a dif file or both files. If the TRUCHA option is chosen then
you will create several new files:
1. a dummy fst.bin
2. a modified fst.bin containing links for the padding files
3. several files full of 0's that can be loaded into the modified image.
4. a modified boot.bin that is needed for the modified fst.bin to be accessed

ISO: This creates a copy of the loaded ISO with the same name but (compress)
appended to the name before the .ISO part (so SPM.ISO would become
DIFF: This creates a Diff file of the differences between the loaded file and
what a scrubbed one would contain. The filename used is the same as the savename but with
.dif used instead of ISO
BOTH: does both ISO and DIFF - you will need a LOT of storage for this

Compressing the scrubbed image should give you a figure close to the size of data
detailed earlier. The DIFF file will not compress that well (due to it being the
random data contained in the 'empty' disk blocks.

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Wii Scrubber V1.4 With MultiBoot
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